Friday, 17 September 2010

Apex (0.9.1)

In light of a few people recently buying Apex from some idiots who are selling possible trojans, I've decided to release Apex publicly. (As if it already wasn't.)

I'll only ask one thing of you, and I'm sure ya'll probably won't even comply with it: Don't mirror this link. Keep reusing this one if you must share it on another forum. At least give me the courtesy of counting how many times it was downloaded.

Apex - vertex: the highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid"

Apex is hopefully the last, or one of the last crackers, that you're going to need. Apex has the ability to crack any site that does not use the following log in methods/encryptions:

* HTTP Authorization (cPanel, pr0n sites, private HTTP directories, etc)
* CAPTCHA protection

I, or anyone else, for that matter, can update Apex's configuration with a tad bit of knowledge. I'll explain the methods used in another thread, though, to keep it as organized as possible.


Apex supports the use of standard HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies. Proxies are required by some sites because those sites will block an IP address if it connects to the server too often, or has too many login attempts.

Unlike my other crackers, Apex can handle database format cracking. This means id:pass and id - pass formatting.

Options for before/after user to add numbers for sim cracking.

Supported Sites

* RapidShare
* RapidShare Collectors
* Netload
* Deposit Files
* Cam4
* ImLive

I no longer support the public version of Apex privately. If you have an issue with it, please create a topic in the Cracking Help forum:

If you already have Apex, and use it, please re download it. This was the last modified source I have before I switched over to my 1.0.0 source, and I updated a few things.

I'd also like to again thank all those who contributed to the development of Apex ( beta testers )

This is the last free release of Apex, and I will continue to develop it in a paid service. I will also be opening a forum for support for my products/services, along with other programmers.

* I included a null file, nullfile.NULL within the RAR file to reach the 1MB file size. It's nothing. Delete it if you want when you extract Apex, and its configuration file.


  1. dude, it won't initiate. it says some component called 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

  2. bro google search that n download and put it in the folder then it will work